Understanding ISO and the benefits it can bring your organisation

ISO stands for the International Standards Organisation, this non governmental organisation develops and publishes standardisation for many industries. There are 167 countries that are members of ISO, these countries often adapt the standards to fit the laws and regulations within the country. The intention of an ISO is to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of products and services.

What Is ISO Certification?

A ISO Certification validates that a management system implemented within an organisation meets the minimum requirements according to the International standards Organisation. There are thousands of ISO management systems and they cover a large range fitting for all industries.

What are the benefits of these management systems?

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improvement of product or service
  • Risk reduction
  • Establishes credibility and trust to customers and to the market

How easy is the process of becoming certified?

ISO Certified in 5 working days

At CDL we have tried to make the process as straightforward as possible, so we created the 5 step process of becoming a ISO certified.

  • Enquire and apply for ISO certification – purchase of manuals
  • CDL provide the manuals
  • Your organisation acknowledges the responsibilities of the manuals
  • The Certification can be issued (12 months expiry)
  • Prior to the expiry to the certificate a surveillance audit is required.

Once the audit is complete and successful, then the organisation can be provided with re-certification for a further 12 months.

Why use CDL Group to become ISO Certified?

Here at CDL Group we have adapted the route to certification, creating a service unique to us is C.O.M.S., the system is the only entirely online based system combined with remote surveillance. Our adapted process was created to be the simplest and quickest route to ISO Certification, does not require physical audits, and the most cost effective ISO systems in the industry.

CDL Group has now been in operation for 9 years, being an industry leader, we have successful assisted thousands of businesses to achieve ISO certification. These businesses have stemmed from all types of industries, mainly located in the UK & Ireland oftentimes internationally. We provide all our clients with service, quality and value with every step of the way.